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Questions on registration

1.1 What happens after the registration?
1.2 What happens during the callback?
1.3 Why do I need to enter my bank details upon registration for a free trial package?
1.4 Are my personal details safe on your site?
1.5 How can I pay?
1.6 How can I transform my monthly subscription into a yearly one (and vice versa)?


2.1 I have not received my access information.
2.2 I registered but I am not able to download yet.
2.3 I finished the registration, paid via PayPal, but I am not able to download yet.
2.4 I missed the Callback.
Please do the following in order to finish the callback and with it the registration:
Please request another callback with an alternative telephone number (e.g. your mobile number). For this, enter the new number into the box next to "New Callback" and then click "Continue".
Please make sure that your line is free and that your answering machine is deactivated when requesting another callback.
If you should not receive the callback, please call our service team under 1-877-2573 360*.
You can also contact us via our support form. Please give a telephone number that we can use to call you.

*Please note that the regional code for San Marino can be different according to the country you are calling from.
Submit your concern to our customer service here.

General information

3.1 How old do I have to be in order to register on
3.2 Can I share my account with others?
3.3 What running periods can I choose from?
3.4 Is a legal service?

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