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1.1 I cannot open or install the software.
1.2 I received an error message while trying to log into the software.
1.3 I cannot connect to the Newsserver.
1.4 Can I use the software with Linux?

Difficulties when using the software

2.1 I downloaded corrupt files - can I repair them?
2.2 My downloads are unusually slow.
2.3 I have activated EcoMode, but the software automatically switches to PowerMode.

Search, download, publish your article

3.1 Does support encrypted file transfer?
3.2 What does it mean to "subscribe to newsgroups"?
If you subscribe to newsgroups, you define where your search commands are executed - this gives you the option of excluding certain parts of the Usenet which you do not want to be searched. This increases the quality of your results.
Subscribing to newsgroups does neither imply any additional charges nor does it use download volume.
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Further information

4.1 I did not receive any results when searching for a specific file.
4.2 What are .rar-files and what do I have to do with them?
4.3 I have blemished files. Can I repair these?
4.4 What is the difference between PowerMode and EcoMode?
4.5 How can I switch from EcoMode to PowerMode (and vice versa)?
4.6 Which operating systems support the software?
4.7 What languages are available in software?

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